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The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback on Enhancing Cognitive Process Involved in Entrepreneurship Abilities among Primary School Students in District No.3 Tehran (74702 Downloads)
A Protocol for Diagnosis and Management of Cerebrospinal Shunt Infections and other Infectious Conditions in Neurosurgical Practice (10092 Downloads)
A Review on Experimental Assessments of Pain Threshold in Healthy Human Subjects (7857 Downloads)
Where Neuroscience and Art Embrace The Neuroaesthetics (6553 Downloads)
Software Tools for the Analysis of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (6543 Downloads)
Research Paper: Executive Functions in Students With Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Symptoms (6410 Downloads)
Basic and Clinical Neuroscience, Volume 4, Number 4, Full Text (6019 Downloads)
Methodological Note: Neurofeedback: A Comprehensive Review on System Design, Methodology and Clinical Applications (5438 Downloads)
Estimating the Optimal Dosage of Sodium Valproate in Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy with Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (5374 Downloads)
The Effect of Scopolamine on Avoidance Memory and Hippocampal Neurons in Male Wistar Rats (5227 Downloads)
The effect of fenugreek on nociceptive response in diabetic rats (5165 Downloads)
Prevalence of Migraine Among Medical Students in Zahedan Faculty of Medicine (Southeast of Iran) (4881 Downloads)
Statistical Analysis Methods for the fMRI Data (4739 Downloads)
The Effect of the Flavonoid Quercetin on Pain Sensation in Diabetic Rats (4576 Downloads)
Genetics’ Influence on Drug Abuse & Addiction Interactions of Endophenotypes & Genotypes (4309 Downloads)
Hammerstein-Wiener Model: A New Approach to the Estimation of Formal Neural Information (4298 Downloads)
Neuroprotective effect of quercetin in a model of Parkinson’s disease in rat: A histochemical analysis (4247 Downloads)
The Power of Classic Music to Reduce Anxiety in Rats Treated with Simvastatin (4227 Downloads)
P300 Component Modulation During a Go/Nogo Task in Healthy Children (3944 Downloads)
Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in Human Using Voice Signals (3902 Downloads)
Effect of Mozart Music on Hippocampal Content of BDNF in Postnatal Rats (3793 Downloads)
The effect of Nigella sativa on learning and memory in male diabetic rats (3790 Downloads)
The effect of oral administration of Withania somnifera root on formalin-induced pain in diabetic rats (3687 Downloads)
Basic and Clinical Neuroscience, Volume 4, Number 2, Full Text (3682 Downloads)
The effect of L-Arginine on the brain tissue of stressed rats (3607 Downloads)
The Effect of Alpha-Lipoic Acid on Learning and Memory Deficit in a Rat Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (3598 Downloads)
A Gray-Box Neural Network Model of Parkinson’s Disease Using Gait Signal (3524 Downloads)
Inhibitory Effect of High Dose of the Flavonoid Quercetin on Amygdala Electrical Kindling in Rats (3343 Downloads)
Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase Type 1 and 2 Enzyme by Aqueous Extract of Elaeagnus Angustifolia in Mice (3330 Downloads)
Electrophysiological Study of Sciatic Nerve Regeneration Through Tubes Seeded with Schwann Cells (3328 Downloads)
Integrated Technologies Like Noninvasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) for Stroke Rehabilitation New Hopes for Patients, Neuroscientists, and Clinicians in Iran (3315 Downloads)
The Effects of Boswellia Resin Extract on Dopaminergic Cell line, SK-N-SH, against MPP+-Induced Neurotoxicity (3309 Downloads)
Prevalence of Sleep Disorders and their Effects on Sleep Quality in Epileptic Patients (3288 Downloads)
Antidepressant Activity of Methanolic Extract of Amaranthus Spinosus (3276 Downloads)
The beneficial effect of the flavonoid quercetin on behavioral changes in hemi-Parkinsonian rats (3258 Downloads)
Cognitive Flexibility, Attention and Speed of Mental Processing in Opioid and Methamphetamine Addicts in Comparison with Non-Addicts (3257 Downloads)
Capsazepine, a Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid Type 1 (TRPV1) Antagonist, Attenuates Antinociceptive Effect of CB1 Receptor agonist, WIN55,212-2, in the Rat Nucleus Cuneiformis (3247 Downloads)
The Anticonvulsant and Antioxidant Effects of Berberine in Kainate-induced Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Rats (3245 Downloads)
The effect of genistein on intracerebroventricular streptozotocin-induced cognitive deficits in male rat (3243 Downloads)
Varenicline Ameliorates Learning and Memory Deficits in Amyloid β(25–35) Rat Model of Alzheimer’s Disease (3149 Downloads)
Memory Performance among Children with ADHD (3108 Downloads)
Modulation of Anxiety-Like Behavior in Sildenafil Citrate-Treated Mice Placed in an Elevated Plus-Maze (3093 Downloads)
Role of Propolis on Oxidative Stress in Fish Brain (3088 Downloads)
Neuropsychological Double Dissociation between Linguistic Levels: Clinical Linguistic Evidence from Iranian Aphasic Patients (3069 Downloads)
The Impact of Hydrochloride Heroin on Mental Flexibility, Abstract Reasoning, Impulsivity, and Attention (3055 Downloads)
Prediction of Quality of life by Self-Efficacy, Pain Intensity and Pain Duration in Patient with Pain Disorders (3030 Downloads)
Review Paper: Polyphenolic Antioxidants and Neuronal Regeneration (3017 Downloads)
Homayoun as a Persian Music Scale on Non-Musician’s Brain: an fMRI Study (3009 Downloads)
Designing and Evaluation of Reliability and Validity of Visual Cue-Induced Craving Assessment Task for Methamphetamine Smokers (2999 Downloads)
Protective Effects of N-Acetyl-L-cystein on 3,4-Methylene Dioxymethamphetamie-Induced Neurotoxicity in Cerebellum of Male Rats (2989 Downloads)
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