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Diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis (TBM) has remained a challenge due to its insidious onset and failure of conventional diagnostic tests. The present study was undertaken to accurately identify the mycobacterial pathogen in the CSF of TBM patients with poor prognosis. We retrospectively recruited 224 TBM and 34 Non-TBM patients admitted to Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur in the year 2014. The CSF samples of these patients were subjected to a duplex PCR assay for species specific identification of the causative pathogen. M.bovis was detected in 7% (18) of the samples and infection with M.tuberculosis was detected in 32.9% (85). 14% (36) of the samples were culture positive; however the mycobacterial pathogens could not be differentiated to the species level. This study emphasizes the potentially vital importance of M.bovis identification for appropriate patient management and demonstrates the persistent significance of M.bovis as a zoonotic pathogen.

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