Archiving Policy

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Archiving Policy
The purpose of this archiving policy is to ensure the long-term preservation, accessibility, and security of scholarly content published in the
Basic and Clinical Neuroscience. As a reputable academic journal, we recognize the importance of archiving to safeguard knowledge and facilitate future research. By implementing this archiving policy, BCN aims to contribute to the global scholarly community by ensuring the longevity and accessibility of our valuable research output.

Archiving Mechanisms
 Abstracting & Indexing Services:

Basic and Clinical Neuroscience content will be indexed by various abstracting and indexing services including  Web of Science, Scopus, Pubmed etc. Authors, readers, and researchers can find our articles through these services. The “Abstracting & Indexing” page of our journal has provided detailed information on the specific services covering our titles.

Submitted Manuscript (Pre-print):
The initial version, submitted by authors, can be archived by authors in institutional repositories or subject-specific repositories.

Accepted Manuscript (Post-print or Author’s Accepted Manuscript):
Authors can archive this version in repositories, subject to any embargo periods or licensing requirements.

Published Version (Version of Record):
While we encourage self-archiving, the published version is accessible directly from our journal’s platform and the publisher depository.


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