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Background and Objectives: Antioxidants prevent the progression of neuropsychiatric disorders, such as bipolar disorder (BD). Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation helps prevent lipid peroxidation and improve antioxidant status. This study aimed to investigate the effect of omega-3 supplementation on serum levels of antioxidant status in patients with bipolar disease.
Methods: In this study, 28 patients with bipolar disorder (BD) received an omega-3 fatty acid supplement (2 g/daily) while other 28 patients received edible paraffin oil (2 g/daily) for 60 days. The activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and total antioxidant capacity (TAC) were evaluated in pre-intervention and post-intervention.
Results: The results showed that omega-3 supplementation increased the activities of SOD (12.94 ± 3.84 U/mL vs 17.72 ± 3.59 U/mL) and CAT (5.08 ± 1.61 nmol/min/mL vs 6.43 ± 1.33 nmol/min/mL) in post-intervention compared to pre-intervention (P = 0.001). Our findings also showed that omega-3 supplementation increased the activities of SOD (17.72 ± 3.59 U/mL vs 13.79 ± 3.12 U/mL) and CAT (6.43 ± 1.33 nmol/min/mL vs 4.89 ± 1.45 nmol/min/mL) compared to control group in post-intervention (P = 0.001). Omega-3 supplementation did not have significant effects on the serum concentration of total antioxidant capacity (TAC) compared to pre-intervention (P = 0.373) and control group (P = 0.604). 
Conclusion: Omega-3 supplementation increased the activities of SOD and CAT and may decrease the progression of disease via increasing antioxidant status.
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