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Introduction: Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that disrupts functional brain networks. Many neurodegenerative disorders are associated with changes in brain communication patterns. Resting-state functional connectivity studies can distinguish the topological structure of Parkinson's patients from healthy individuals by analyzing patterns between different regions of the brain. Accordingly, the present study aimed to determine the brain topological features and functional connectivity in patients with Parkinson's disease, using a Bayesian approach.
Method: The data of this study were downloaded from the open neuro site. These data include "Resting-State Functional MRI" (rs-fMRI) of 11 healthy individuals and 11 Parkinson’s patients with mean ages of 64.36 and 63.73, respectively. An advanced nonparametric Bayesian model was used to evaluate topological characteristics, including clustering of brain regions and correlation coefficient of the clusters. The significance of functional relationships based on each edge between the two groups was examined through false discovery rate (FDR) and network-based statistics (NBS) methods.
Results: Brain connectivity results showed a major difference in terms of the number of regions in each cluster and the correlation coefficient between the patient and healthy groups. The largest clusters in the patient and control groups were 26 and 53 regions, respectively, with clustering correlation values of 0.36 and 0.26. Although there are 15 common areas across the two clusters, the intensity of the functional relationship between these areas was different in the two groups. Moreover, using NBS and FDR methods, no significant difference was observed for each edge between the patient and healthy groups (p-value>0.05).
Conclusion: The results of this study show a different topological configuration of the brain network between the patient and healthy groups, indicating changes in the functional relationship between a set of areas of the brain.
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