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Neuroimaging evidences have shown the association of intelligence with several structural brain properties in normal individuals. However, this association for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is need to be investigated. we estimated grey matter density of the brain using MRI scanning on 56 ADHD individuals comprising 30 combined (age=10.44±2.41, IQ=112.13±13.15, male, 24 right hand) and 26 inattentive (age=11.39±2.1, IQ=107.44±13.98, male, 28 right hand) as well as 30 IQ matched healthy control (age=11.08±2.15, IQ=115±13.56,male, 23 right hand). In this study, two statistical approaches were used. At the first approach, region based as well as whole pattern of association between full scale IQ and grey matter were computed and compared between groups. The second approach was to look at the differential pattern of grey matter density whithout considering IQ in three groups. Results showed significant differences between ADHD group and control. This finding could suggest that intelligence is not purely grounded on the density of grey matter in certain brain regions; it is a dynamic phenomenon and drastically changes in the neurodevelopmental disorders.
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