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Introduction: The aim of the current study is to assess the reliability, validity and psychometric properties of the Persian translation of the Video Gaming Addiction Test (VAT).
Material and Methods: 280 young men 14-20 years old entered the study (17.22 ± 1.8 years old) including excessive gamers and normal people. They answered Video Gaming Addiction Test (VAT), Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and Conner-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC). Translation and Back Translation was made for the VAT. For testing reliability, we used Cronbach's alpha, split-half method and Guttman’s method. Also convergent and discriminant validity was tested to examine construct validity of translated version of VAT.
Results: Cronbach's alpha for the total scale was equal to 0.81. Also after splitting questions to half, 0.71 and 0.69 was calculated for Cronbach's alpha of each half. Six Guttman’s lambdas calculated with 0.75 minimum and 0.82 maximum. All showing a good reliability of the test.  Convergent validity was tested by testing correlation of VAT and VAS. Pearson’s correlation with P<0.001 was 0.73 that showing strong relationship with two factors. For testing discriminant validity, correlation of VAT and CD-RISC tested that shows no correlation between these scales (r=-0.157, P=0.09).
Conclusion: The Persian translation of the VAT is both reliable and valid and is suitable for clinical and research use with satisfactory properties. Its properties are similar to those reported in the original non-translated test. 
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