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Introduction: This study investigated effect of the environmental enrichment during adolescence on morphine-induced conditioned place preference (CPP) and locomotor sensitization in maternally separated male and female rat pups.
Methods: Male Wistar rats were allowed to mate with female virgin Wistar rats. Pups were separated from the dam daily for 3h during postnatal days 2–14. All pups were weaned at postnatal (PND) 21and reared in standard environment (SE) or environmental enrichment (EE) from PND21 to 50 with litter-mates of the same sex. The CPP and behavioral sensitization to morphine were assessed by an un-biased place conditioning paradigm and open filed method.
Results: The results showed that the maternal separation enhanced morphine-induced CPP in both sexes, locomotor sensitization in male pups and tolerance to morphine-induced motor activity in female pups during adolescence. While, male and female pups reared in an EE exhibited a decrease in morphine-induced CPP, locomotor sensitization and tolerance induced by maternal separation than their control pups.
Conclusion: Our findings have shown that access to EE during adolescence may exert a protective effect against morphine-induced reward, locomotor sensitization and tolerance in adolescent male and female rats following maternal separation.

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