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Background: Family history is known as a risk factor for the development of cerebrovascular diseases (CVD), but it remains a controversial issue. Here, we aimed to evaluate the relationship between parental history and risk of CVD in offspring in our population.
Methods: Isfahan Cohort Study (ICS) included total 6,504 healthy participants which were randomly selected through a two-stage cluster sampling from three districts. Participants were followed prospectively for 10 years. The CVD patients were diagnosed by a neurologist. Clinically validated history of CVD was established for definition of parental history of CVD. Types of history were categorized to: paternal, maternal, both parent and no history.
Results: The prevalence of CVD is generally higher among in female offsprings compared with male (P<0.001). The relative risk of CVD with maternal history was not significant (CI= 0.95-2.29). By adjusted model, history of CVD in both parents was affected on the risk of CVD in the boys (RR=2.13, P=0.033, CI 95%). By crude model analysis, maternal history of CVD (P=0.047), history of CVD in both parents (P=0.032) and maternal history of hypertension (P=0.005) were determined as risk factors of CVD in offspring. Indeed, the mean age of CVD in offspring lowers based on this order: history of hypertension in parents, paternal history of CVD in both parent, maternal history of CVD and no history (P<0.001). Conclusions: In female offspring with present history of CVD from maternal side, early and regular screening for CVD development is necessary. This at risk population should be considered as target group for screening and preventive measures.

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