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Background. Pain has valuable importance in diagnosis and also distress of patients. Many molecular reagents are introduced which are related to pain. In this research the pain related genes screen to identify the critical genes.
Methods.  Pain related genes were pulling out from STRING database and Cytoscape software was used to make interactome unit. The central genes and their neighbors were analyzed. The genes were clustered and the crucial genes were introduced.
Results. 159 genes of network were analyzed and FOS, IL6, TNF, TAC1, IL8, and KNG1 were identified as crucial genes. More analysis revealed that 88 genes are connected directly to the central genes. More resolution led to ignoring TNF and IL8 and considering  SCN-alpha and PAICS as additional critical nodes.
Conclusion. Six critical genes related to pain were identified which potentially can be consider as drug target. Further investigation is required to introduce the central genes as pain killer.
نوع مطالعه: Original | موضوع مقاله: Behavioral Neuroscience
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