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Introduction: Application of antidepressant drugs produces several problems leading to need of alternative agents in emotional disturbances. Since antidepressant drugs increase the seizure risk, alternative treatment like anti-epileptic drugs (AED) might be useful for patients with epilepsy suffering from psychiatric disorder.
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the behavioral effects of sodium valproate, a none effective dose in seizure treatment (100 mg/kg i.p.) along with application of low frequency stimulations (LFS) during CA1 hippocampal kindling.
Methods:  42 male rats were randomly divided into 6 groups including control group which intact animal handled daily (I), sham group which were subjected to the surgical process, but receive no real stimulation (II), saline-kindled group (S.kindled) which were daily stimulated using a 3 s train of 50Hz monophasic pulses of 1ms duration with the threshold intensity, applied 12 times daily with 10 min intervals where saline was administrated 15 minute before kindling stimulations (III), saline-kindled-LFS group (K4LFS) in which saline was injected 15 minute before kindling stimulations and LFS applied daily after termination of kindling stimulation (IV ), drug-kindle group (Drug100.kindled) where underwent rapid kindling procedure daily where sodium valproate (100 mg/kg) was administrated 15 minute before kindling stimulations(V) and drug-kindled-LFS (Drug100.kindled.4LFS) group in which drug and LFS were administrated respectively before and after kindling stimulations(VI).The behavioral tests were assessed using elevated plus maze, open field and force swim test.
 Results: Combination of sodium valproate (100 mg/kg) and LFS significantly decreased cumulative seizure severity as compared with kindle group and provides a strong seizure suppressing effect.
 Also sodium valproate and LFS increased the percentage of open arms (OAs) entries and the OAs exploration as well as decreased jumping from elevated plus maze and rearing in open field. Furthermore, there was no significant change in the OAs entries and OAs exploration percentages, jumping from apparatus and rearing in open field in Drug100.kindled, K4LFS and Drug100.kindled.LFS groups as compared with sham group.
There was no significant difference in the latency to first immobility and the duration of immobility in K4LFS groups compare with s.kindled group. In drug-kindled group, the latency to first immobility significantly increased and the duration of immobility decreased as compared with s.kindled. Besides
the latency to first immobility significantly increased and the duration of immobility decreased in drug-kindled-LFS as compared to s.kindled group, but the latency to first immobility was not significantly changed in comparison with drug-kindled groups.
Conclusion: Sodium valproate and LFS can modulate the function of the brain regions involved in emotional processing in epilepsy, anxiety and depressive-like behaviors and also decrease emotional disturbances induced by the kindling process.
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