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Introduction: We investigated the sexually dimorphic effects of dextromethorphan (DM) on cognitive and depression-like behaviours as well as on hippocampal histology in rats following acute administration.
Methods: Wistar rats of both sexes were treated with 25 or 50 mg/kg of DM for 7 days via intraperitoneal injection. At the end of the administration, behavioural studies were performed on the tail suspension test (TST) for depressive-like behaviours and on the Y-maze for cognitive behaviours. Brains were excised and processed for routine histological analysis.
Results: Our results showed that DM significantly increased (P <0.05) immobility time in the TST in male rats but not female, and decreased percentage alternation (P <0.001) on the Y-maze in both male and female rats. Histological analysis revealed no morphological changes in the hippocampus following DM treatment.
Conclusion: DM impairs cognitive functions in both male and female rats without histologic defects in the hippocampus. However, induced depressive-like behaviours following DM administration may be sexually dependent.
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