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Introduction: Neurogenesis mainly occurs in hippocampus and is known to be sensitive to radiation. More histological changes are reported at a higher dose of radiation, while low dose radiation cause cognitive dysfunction in adult mammals. In the present study, we tried to correlate the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)stress mediated hippocampus dysfunction post whole body gamma radiation exposure in mice. 
Methods: Mice were exposed to series of gamma radiation dose, followed by isolation of hippocampus. To elucidate the gene expression profile qPCR were performed for ER stress markers CHOP, BiP and hippocampal specific gene WFS1, Nectin3 and Sostdc1 on the isolated hippocampus. Expression of CHOP and ERK ½ were analyzed by western blot on exposure to gamma radiation. 
Results: qPCR results showed a significant increase in expression of ER stress specific genes CHOP, BiP and decrease in hippocampal specific genes WFS1, Nectin3 and Sostdc1. Western blot study suggests the significant increase in ER stress protein like CHOP and ERK ½ expression.
Conclusion: Exposure to gamma radiation dose significantly increased the expression of ER stress genes, suggesting ER stress plays a major role in inducing radiation mediated dysfunction of hippocampus. Also, significant downregulation of WFS 1, Nectin3 and Sostdc1 gene suggests radiation mediated effect of hippocampal CA1, CA2 and CA3 regions. A further significant increase of ERK ½ shows involvement of ERK pathway in mediating radiation induced ER stress dysfunction in mice hippocampus. Present finding may lead to identification of ER stress as a new marker to study radiation induced neurodegenerative disorder.
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