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Introduction: Sensory Gating Inventory measures behavioral aspects of sensory gating. Sensory gating is a filtering mechanism of the brain that prevents irrelevant sensory inputs from entering into higher cortex information processing. It modifies sensitivity to sensory stimuli. Abnormal sensory gating leads to overloading of information into cortex and brain dysfunction. Electrophysiological techniques cannot assess behavioral aspects of sensory gating.
Purpose: The aim of this study was to create Persian Sensory Gating Inventory with high validity and reliability.
Methods: After a forward-backward translation, content validity and construct validity were measured. 405 participants filled the Persian Inventory. To assess test-retest reliability 100 participants filled the inventory again 7-10 days later. Content Validity Ratio and index, as well as confirmatory factor analysis, were computed. Cronbach’s alpha, Cohen’s Kappa and intra-class correlation coefficients were calculated.
Results: Statistical analyses showed that all items had content validity ratios more than 60% which meant all items were judged to be necessary by the experts. Confirmatory factor analysis confirmed the fit of the 4-factor structure of the original Inventory. Test-retest reliability using Intra-class Correlation Coefficient and Cronbach’s alpha coefficients were high for the four subscales. Cohen’s Kappa coefficients revealed moderate to the substantial level of agreement between the first and second scores for all items.
Conclusions: This study demonstrated that Persian Sensory Gating Inventory has good and acceptable psychometric properties. It can be used as a validated and reliable tool for studying behavioral aspects of sensory gating in Persian language population.
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