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Background:Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder which affecting the senile population with manifestation of motor disability and cognitive impairment.Epicetechin and Edaravon are compounds which might confer neuroprotective effects most probably according to their anti-oxidative stress activity but a few studies are around their role in Parkinson diseases. Hence this study was aimed to investigate the neuroprotective effect of Epicatechin and Edaravon in a  neurotoxin-induced model of parkinson.
 Methods: In vitro model of parkinson disease was generated by exposing SH-SY5Y  neuroblastoma cells to neurotoxin: 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA)100µM/well. Cytotprotective effect of Epicetechin and Edaravon  in five concentrations on cell viability was tested using MTT assay. Apoptotic assay was done with route of  Annexin V-propidium iodide method by flow- cytometry..
 Results:According to MTT assay analysis, Epicatechin and Edaravon have shown protective effect against 6-OH DA induced cytotoxicity  in SH-SY5Y  neuroblastoma cells that this effect with Edaravon is much more significant and the synergistic effect of Epicetechin and Edaravon has been observed relatively.Apoptetic analysis has showed that Edaravone alone could have decreased early and late apoptosis but Epicetechin, although decreased early apoptosis but  increased late apoptosis and necrosis and  co-treatment of Edaravone and Epicathechin had synergistic effect on decreasing apoptosis and increasing cell viability.
Conclution:Protective effect of Edaravone on apoptosis and cytotoxicity has been demonstrated clearly and Epicathechin could have synergistic effect with Edaravone.
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