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Background:  Opioid addiction is an important issue in our World. Data demonstrated that substance use disorder could influence genetic and environmental factors and children of addicts have a higher rate of psychopathology. In this study, we investigated depression-like behavior among offspring of morphine-exposed parents.
Material and Methods: Adult male and female Wistar rats received morphine for 21 consecutive days and let them were free of drugs for ten days. Offspring of these rats divided into three distinct groups: maternal morphine-exposed; paternal morphine-exposed and maternal and paternal morphine-exposed. We used sucrose preference and Force Swim Test (FST) to measure depression-like behavior. Also, we induced chronic mild stress using repeated corticosterone injection and evaluated depression-like behavior in offspring of morphine-exposed parents compared with offspring of healthy parents.
Results: Results indicated that depression-like behavior in the litter of morphine-exposed was higher than offspring of the control group in confronting with chronic mild stress. Additionally, mild chronic stress can produce an exaggerated effect on depression-like behavior in offspring of the morphine-exposed parent(s) compared with control group.
Conclusion: Our data approved the previous hypothesis that showed depression rate increased in children of addicts. We verified that even mother or father was clean of opioid in the time of gestation, but children are susceptible to depression. Dysregulation of HPA axis and changing in neuronal features in hippocampus increased depression-like behavior in offspring of morphine exposure parents
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